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Matchmakers, moms and the Internet AP Updated: Pairs of single men and women hold a 8-minute-talk face to face in Shanghai’s Zhongshan Park on October 22, Nearly 5, local young professionals, all in a love hunt, convene for a mass match-making activity held in the park. Bi Zhenxie, a year-old real estate agent who has never had a girlfriend, was on his first visit, filling out a form with his personal details and what he wants in a mate. Now I’m beginning to consider having a family because I’m getting up there in years. The pressure is on.

China’s marriage rate is plummeting – and it’s because of gender inequality

Avery Pritchard China celebrates three traditional holidays: The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday, and it is still celebrated today. To celebrate this holiday, preparations began early. The Lantern Festival was a representation of love and matchmaking. Children went out at night carrying simple lanterns around. Noblemen and Emperors had lanterns with complex designs.

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Space Repository , with the two representing the blessings of earth and space respectively. This pairing is now almost entirely forgotten in both China and Japan. Male or Female or Both? Statues of Kannon , moreover, often include a tiny image Jp. But in China less so in Japan , the Kannon is typically portrayed as a female divinity. In Japan, the male form was initially adopted, and it remains the predominant form in traditional Japanese sculpture and art.

The blind date: a century-old tradition still common in China

September 17, at 3: Historically, Chinese society have a deep seated aversion to marriages between people who share the same surname, as it smacks of incest, irrespective of the size of the population. Even today should two people who share the same surname wishes to marry, DNA testing are often conducted just to be on the safe side.

Therefore historically matchmaking can take place over very long distances, especially where there are towns and villages where everybody is related and share the same surname. Regarding the situation today and speaking from personal experience of having TWELVE aunts and uncles, and not all of them Chinese, my personal advice is to steer well clear if at all possible.

In ancient china costumes were important and showed tradition. These costumes were very bright and colorful and often times people wore accessories with them. Accessories were normally things made of jade rings, jade pendants, necklaces, and combs.

Home Chinese Culture Marriage Customs Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs As an integral part of the traditional Chinese culture, the ancient marriage customs have a long history of over 5, years, which have changed over time due to different social ethics and aesthetic standards from one dynasty to another, however, they also have their own unique characteristics and rituals which have been carried forward to the present and still exert a far-reaching influence on later generations.

Development of Ancient Chinese Marriage Customs The ancient Chinese marriage customs have gone through five stages over 5, years: Primitive Group Marriage In the primitive society, the ancestors of the Chinese people lived in groups and had no fixed spouses, and they had sexual relationships indiscriminately with one another. Owing to their weak gender awareness, they didn’t felt ashamed and weren’t bound by customs and etiquettes. Consanguineous Marriage As the first marriage taboo in Chinese history, consanguineous marriage emerged during the middle Neolithic Age, which banned a parent-offspring marriage but allowed the marriage of people of the same generation such as the brother and sister of a family.

Exogamous Marriage Stage As the second marriage taboo in Chinese history, exogamous marriage emerged in the middle and late Neolithic Age, which strictly banned the marriage between blood brothers and sisters, and it only allowed marriage among different social groups.

Marriage in China

Traditional dating culture in Korea usually left parents responsible for finding the best mate for their child. Arranged marriages were settled years, and sometimes even decades, before a child reached marriage age. Today, matchmaking trends are much different — placing the responsibility of finding a match with young singles. Parent Involvement Traditional rules of Korean courtship left the parents responsible for matchmaking. Parents considered astrological signs, lineage, alliances between families and financial benefits when they paired their children with others.

Blind dates arranged by friends or relatives are a common part of contemporary Korean dating culture. Dating services are also very common, with 1, dating agencies open in South Korea alone. For young Koreans, it is common to partner with matchmaking sites and dating services in the quest to find true love — and equally as common for.

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According to the tradition, the money can be spent for food and clothes as a wish of prosperity and happiness, but the modern children usually spend it for toys as well. What wishes do Chinese people give to others in the Chinese New Year? There are some common Chinese new year wishes that I read around in pin yin or the latin version of Chinese writing.

SHANGHAI — At a trendy bar in China’s largest city, young men and women catch up with friends, dance, and — in something of a break with Chinese tradition — attempt to find love.

Overview[ edit ] Advertising notices at the market The primary goal of attending the Shanghai marriage market is for parents to find a suitable partner for their child. The standards of finding the right match may be based upon but not limited to age, [1] height, [1] job, [1] income, education, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, [1] and personality.

All of this information is written on a piece of paper, which is then hung upon long strings among other parents’ advertisements for their children. Umbrellas used for advertising Many parents do not have permission from their child to go to this event. China’s long idealized tradition of continuing their family lineage is very important within Chinese culture. The University of Kent predicts that by the year , 24 million men will be unmarried and unable to find a wife.

Now more women seek to find a responsible man with personal integrity instead of just a high paying job.

Marriage in Modern China

China’s young people are turning away from marriage. The trend is also worrying the government. After a whole decade of increases in the national marriage rate, China witnessed its second year of decline in the number of newly registered unions in , with a 6. This was accompanied by a rise in the age of marriage, which has increased by about a year and a half in the first ten years of this century.

The Shanghai Marriage Market (Chinese: parent matchmaking gatherings such as the Shanghai Marriage Market are the only way to uphold a traditional dating style for their children in modern China. China’s long idealized tradition of continuing their family lineage is very important within Chinese culture.

Due to the vast expanse and long history of Chinese marriage customs and ceremonies, there are different practices that are followed in different places, although they all generally adhere to similar guidelines. Visitors still have opportunities to witness traditional marriages in the countryside. In ancient times, it was very important to follow a basic principle of the “Three Letters and Six Etiquettes” since they were essential to a marriage. The Betrothal Letter was the formal document of the engagement, a must in a marriage.

Next was the Gift Letter, which would be given to the identified girl’s family. Within the letter would be a list of the types and quantity of gifts designated for the wedding, once both parties accepted the marriage. The Wedding Letter was prepared and presented to the bride’s family on the day of the wedding and was a document that confirmed and commemorated the formal acceptance of the bride into the bridegroom’s family. If an unmarried boy’s parents identified a girl as their future daughter-in-law, they would then locate a matchmaker.

China’s Female Millionaires are in a Matchmaking Frenzy